The Exclusive Dental Maintenance Club for 20-29s

Starting from £32pm


Healthy, beautiful teeth in your 20s equates to healthy, beautiful teeth for life


From £32 per month

At least one Dental Health Check with x-rays

At least two annual Dental

Hygiene Visits

10% off all other routine dental treatment fees at the practice

Dental Emergency and Trauma Insurance the beautiful, boutique environment of 38 Devonshire Street.

Your 20s

Arguably the most important decade of your life - your defining decade.

  • The start of your career – interviews etc.

  • Building important friendships and relationships

  • Health in your 20s equates to health for life - anti-ageing starts in your 20s - habits are built for good or bad with your diet, exercise and teeth

  • Healthy, beautiful teeth in your 20s equates to healthy, beautiful teeth for life

  • Both money and time are a rare commodity

  • Everything that happens in this decade gets compounded later so let us help you get it right!

20-29 Club

Let us help you keep your teeth beautiful and healthy.


  • Prevention is the best treatment of all – prevent decay, prevent ugly, furry teeth, prevent bleeding gums, prevent bad breath, prevent a range of chronic health problems throughout life, prevent future pain and expense

  • Plans from £32 per month includes 2 visits to the hygienist and one visit to the dentist (small x-rays included as clinically required) per year

  • Affordable payment plan you can budget - more cost effective than pay as you go

  • 10% off all other routine dental treatment fees at the practice

  • Exclusive member-only discounts and promotions

  • Emergency dental insurance out of hours and when away from home

  • Accident and emergency dental trauma insurance


Be proud of your healthy teeth, fresh breath and confident smile.

  • Confidence for interviews and social situations

  • Make your teeth into a highly attractive asset, reflecting your health and vitality

  • Fresh breath at all times

  • Beautiful confident smiles

  • Far less repair and restorative treatment needed throughout life

  • The habits of dental health are consistent with the habits for good general health and fitness

  • General good health is beyond doubt linked to good oral health



"I have been going here for the last 5 years and would really recommend this practice. It has a very friendly atmosphere and they are top, top class."


Meet The Team

Dr Victoria Sampson


Rachel Burgess

Dr Kostas Papadopoulos

Lottie Manahan


Dr Gaynor Langley


Francis Robinson

Dr Sophie Salles de Meuron


Airflow and Guided Biofilm Therapy

The newest innovation in oral hygiene - providing amazing results in under 10 minutes for a beautiful, clean and healthy smile.

Healthy, beautiful teeth in your 20s equates to healthy, beautiful teeth for life

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