• Dr Gaynor Langley

Launching the 20-29 Club

On 21st November we will be launching a brand new and exciting Oral Health Scheme at 38 Devonshire Street, exclusively for the 20-29 age group. Please join us from 6:30 - 8:30PM on Thursday 21st November to celebrate the launch and find out about our new treatments and services. RSVP:

Why 20-29?

20-29 is often the age when oral care is neglected until painful problems appear.

As a General Dentist who has been treating families and patients of all ages for 30 years, I have realised that 20-29 is a vital decade in which oral hygiene and early diagnosis are sadly ignored and patients disappear from the practice only to return several years later with significant, unpleasant and expensive problems with their teeth and gums due to neglect. There is a growing body of evidence noticing strong links between bleeding gums and chronic inflammatory diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, Alzheimers disease and even cancer.

The Reasons:  The decade from 20-29 is pivotal to a young adult’s prospect for a healthy successful life. It is the decade for embracing independence in every sense. Time is spent developing careers and relationships both personal and professional. Money is tight, parents no longer ensure scheduled preventive dental visits. The candle is increasingly burned at both ends both in the context of work and social life along with the habits that accompany that. Our Solution: We have devised an affordable dental scheme to help young adults at this critical time to achieve the best life-long oral health habits with the high-quality, professional support they know to expect from 38 Devonshire Street. We have invested in the latest and best preventative and diagnostic oral hygiene equipment along with a team of highly motivated and skilled clinicians to provide the best care. Active prevention and maintenance requires regular attendance for essential, detailed examination and hygienist visits. We will encourage the ideal habits for a lifelong healthy mouth aided by the best digital technology to highlight any emerging problems and suggest any preventive measures or remedies before such problems become expensive and disastrous. Members of the 20-29 Club can be confident in the best and most beneficial level of care at a price they can afford. The details of the scheme:

- From £32 per month - includes 2 visits to the hygienist and one visit to the dentist per year (small x-rays included as clinically required)

- Other plans tailored according to your specific needs

- More cost effective than pay as you go

- Affordable payment plan you can budget

- 10% off all other routine dental treatment/fees at the practice

- Exclusive member-only discounts and promotions

- Emergency dental insurance out of hours and when away from home

- Accident and emergency dental insurance

A thoroughly clean mouth and good oral health are the key to a beautiful smile, fresh breath and good overall physical health. To find out more or join the 20-29 Club. Please visit our website at this link -

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